Time tracking as easy as using an app

Filling in timesheets can be as easy as using a calendar app. Just drag and drop your work on the calendar canvas and your timesheets are registered instantly. Powerful reporting gives you better insights into the work that’s been done.

  • As easy as using a calendar app
  • With personal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • With personal backlog

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View your calendar

View your timesheets on a calendar window, just like you're used to in your favourite calendar app.


Track personal KPIs

Every member of your team gets insights into his or her performance to help drive company success.


Integrate invoices

Timesheets are linked directly with the finance module so that you never forget to invoice!


Drag & drop tasks

Drag and drop tasks to the timesheet window with one easy move.


Control approval flow

Set customised approval flows for timesheets, so that you stay in control of what's invoiced to your clients.


Know what’s billable

Compare billable and non-billable hours for every employee, client, project or team.