Manage your team planning

Plan and follow up actions in real time with our drag and drop diary interface.
When it comes to timesheets, all planned items are prefilled to save time. Easy!

  • Drag & drop interface
  • Linked to employees personal timesheet window
  • Progress indicators

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Drag & drop tasks

Plan time for team members by simply dragging tasks to the planning window.


Link to timesheets

A planned task for an employee is automatically added to their timesheet window, along with a TO DO status.


Detect work clashes

Find out instantly when a team member gets overloaded with work.


Add custom notes

Add custom notes to your planning to stay organised and keep on top of detail.


Manage (multiple) teams

Manage different team with a planning window for every team -or see all teams together.


Monitor progress

See the progress of planned items, whenever a person timesheets a task.


Notify your team

Team members are informed of their project planning through the built-in notification centre.


Look at different views

See your planning from different angles: per project, client, rate or task.