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Create different versions of the same estimate and stay on top of your sales pipeline for each account manager.
Convert won opportunities straight into new projects.

  • Follow up your sales pipeline
  • Create multiple versions of the same estimate
  • Convert estimates straight into projects

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View your sales dashboard

Get insights into how your sales team is performing. Compare the weighed, signed and maximal value in one place.


Create custom templates

Make as many custom offer templates as you like - without any design limitations.


Create PDFs easily

Download your estimates in PDF format to include in a presentation or email.


Include time and materials

Don’t forget to include time, materials and subcontractors in your quotes.


Track your versions

Create multiple versions of the same proposal and convert the one that the client finally approves.


Email estimates easily

Send your estimates to your contacts by email and find out whether a client has seen your proposal or not.


Approve estimates online

Convert estimates into projects faster. Clients can sign and approve your estimates directly in Yadera.


Convince with price offers

Add relative or absolute price reductions to your offers, to convince your client to sign the deal.