Power tools for project managers

Yadera centralises all necessary assets so you can manage your projects and budgets just the way you want.
You’ll get an instant view of your project status on the project dashboard.

  • All project information in one place
  • Stay in control of your project budget
  • Follow up on project progress

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View your project dashboard

Get a quick view of a project’s status and stay on top of budgets and planning.


Choose project type

Create time and material projects, fixed price or offer-based projects


Manage all-important budgets!

You decide who and how much time your team members can timesheet on their project tasks.


Get TO DOs done

Add and track relevant TO DO lists. You can assign them to team members and follow up what's done.


Plan with charts

Use the Gantt charts to plan your projects. Assign even the smallest tasks directly to team members.


Control agency fees

Add project task lines to an agency fee so that they are not invoiced with the project.


Remember discussions

Never lose a conversation about a project! Organise conversations in discussions, with built-in email support.


Tidy documents

Keep your files organised. Store project related files in the right place by dragging them to the project window.