Give Best-in-class client support

Ensure you give your clients brilliant support with a built-in ticketing system, email-to-ticket functionality, service level targets, and agent collision detection. You can submit timesheets directly from the client support interface.

  • Unlimited support mailboxes and queues
  • Agent collision detection
  • Linked with time sheets for support time tracking

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Open tickets from emails

Clients can open a ticket by simply emailing. Your answer will be emailed back to them.


Detect agent clashes

Avoid doubts about who’s going to answer a ticket with Yadera's ticket dispatching functionality.


Integrate invoices

The work spent on tickets gets invoiced automatically, as soon as a ticket is closed.


Add unlimited custom fields

Add custom fields for different support queues to optimise the work of your support team.


Integrate timesheets

You can timesheet directly from the ticket window, to invoice the time spent solving a client's question.


Add unlimited support queues

Create as many support mailboxes and support queues as you need, to support your clients with their work.


Monitor SLAs

Get alerts when tickets don’t get answered or solved within the timeframe you’ve agreed with your clients.


Create reports easily

Keep an eye on average responses and closing times, and learn how to optimise the work of your customer support teams.