A complete 360 view of all your clients

Manage and collaborate with all your clients in one place.
Your client dashboard gives you a clear view of sales, ongoing projects, client support status and much more.

  • Everything centralised in one place
  • Real time client overview
  • Organise by brands, as well as clients

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Dashboard for each client

The client dashboard gives you a 360 view of sales, ongoing projects, client support status and much more.


Create custom fields

Add as many custom fields as you like, and use them later as a filter in your reports.


Get TO DOs done

Add and track relevant TO DO lists. You can assign them to your clients and follow up what's done.


Remember discussions

Never lose a conversation with your client! Organise your conversations in discussions, with built-in email support.


Organise by brands

Organise your clients into different entities or brands and get detailed reports for every brand.


Manage your contacts

Manage your contacts and collaborate with them easily. They can ask for support and participate in discussions.


Tidy documents

Keep your files organised. Store the client related files in the right place by dragging them to the client window.


Customise rate cards

Customise your company rate card per client, so that estimates and projects are always started with the right prices.